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sábado, 8 de mayo de 2010

embarrassment @ Shangai 2010 world Expo

Nothing better than a corny event to show us the miserable panorama of the intellectual level of our 'leaders', official architecture and a cheerful society that follows happily to all this 'Panem et circenses' events and buildings. The catalogue of the whole event could be used as a not-to-do manual.

Let me tell you that the writer of this post has 2 nationalities, I usually think it's quite convenient, but today I can only feel twice as embarrassed for each of my pavilions.

Let's just put aside art, economy and technology aspects. Common sense is enough to arguably say all of this projects suck badly...

Let s get started with a brief description of the first group: BRINGING TO THE PRESENT OUR OLD GLORIES

Basically what they do is try to repeat the same architecture form some centuries ago. Some old countries can go back hundreds of years (it doesn't matter if countries didn't even existed...the simple cohabitation of the same land makes us proud of it) and the easier choice is the years the country was more powerful than it is now.

What are the problems??? :

1. You are copying what people did X years ago. The thing is that what they were doing was contemporary to them and the most advanced. X years ago people didn't build looking back X' years behind, they built their own stuff which we all admire now. Why not building something contemporary and give people X years from now the chance to admire it?

2. X years ago different conditions than now existed. Example: massive labour force (salves, centuries to finish a building...), they didn't have nowadays materials, technology, etc. Buildings were not funded by taxpayers etc. It's just impossible an incomprehensible to think imitating is a choice.

3. It s not being built in your country, so the climate conditions are not the same, (if your roof tops were built to work good under snowstorms, maybe they wont work good on a more tropical area) nor the materials available, nor the light quality or the sun exposure!

4. Pavillion comes from the french word butterfly. The lifetime of a pavillion is as short as the timespan of a butterfly posing itself on a leaf and then flying away. Subtle isn't it? So fortresses, mountain refuges and temple looking like buildings are no appropriate.

Maybe the countries we are showing here are not the most developed in 2010 world, but that's not an excuse in the next posts we'll have a few words on other types of this constructed failures, leading countries included...

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  1. Very smart and enlightening point of view.
    I completely agree with you. I guess it is quite a human condition to try to revive a glorious past, rather than face the challenges of the present while building a better future.